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It has as main purpose monitor and supervise the integrity of financial information, processing and accounting systems, control and records of the Company and the entities it controls, monitor the capacity, independence and function of the External Auditor, the efficiency of internal control and the valuation of financial risks. Additionally, monitoring the activities of the Internal Auditor.

The Audit Committee is responsible for:

  • Discuss the Financial Statements of the Company and the persons responsible for their preparation and review.
  • To assist the Council in the design and evaluation of corporate policies, accounting, financial reporting and internal control.
  • Propose the appointment of external auditors to the Board of Directors.
  • Report to the Board of Directors the situation that the mechanisms and internal controls and internal audit.
  • Ensure that the Director General enforcing the resolutions of the Shareholders' Meetings and the Board of Directors of the Company.
  • Review and approve annual reports filed with the SEC, to the BMV and the CNBV.

Committee Members

Chair Martin Werner Wainfeld
Committee Member Felipe Duarte Olvera
Committee Member Alberto Felipe Mulás Alonso

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