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It has as primary purpose the assist in shaping the corporate governance of the Company, and to procure for the Company and its shareholders an environment that reduces the potential risk that operations are carried out at a disadvantage. Also, is responsible for carrying out the evaluation of strategic planning, assists in the identification of the risks to which the company is subject and evaluates the mechanisms to control them.

The Committee is responsible for addressing the sustainability strategy and is the body responsible for the evaluation and compensation of board members and executive officers of the Company.

Main functions:

  • View on the appointment, removal and remuneration of the Director General. 
  • View on the appointment, removal and remuneration of the Director General.
  • Review of related party transactions.
  • Review the fixed and variable executive officers.
  • Performance evaluation of the Board.
  • Analyze and propose guidelines for determining the company's strategic plan and its periodic evaluation.
  • Comments about unusual or non-recurring.
  • Review the premises of the annual budget and track your application.
  • Analyze and evaluate the risk factors to which the company is subject, and the mechanisms for their control.
  • Sustainability Plan of society.

Committee Members

Chair Alberto Felipe Mulás Alonso
Committee Member Ricardo Maldonado Yáñez
Committee Member Luis Solórzano Aizpuru