Investor Relations

1 What does OMA do?
2 What is OMA's history?
3 How does OMA generate revenues?
4 What is the mix of passengers and airline customers that OMA serves?
5 What is OMA's business strategy?
6 How is OMA regulated?
7 What are OMA Plaza and OMA Carga?
8 What is the difference between Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte and OMA?
9 Who are OMA's strategic partners and major shareholders?
10 What kind of shares does OMA have and where do they trade?
11 What are American Depositary Shares (ADS's) and where can I get more information about trading them?
12 What are OMA's corporate practices?
13 What is OMA's dividend policy?
14 In what indices OMA is included?
15 Do you have another question that hasn't been answered?