They are the same. Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte, S.A.B. de C.V. is our legal corporate name. OMA is our trade name, and is the name our passengers, airlines, and business partners know us by. The company is also sometimes referred to as “Grupo OMA.”

OMA was formed as a corporation in 1998 by the Mexican government from airport assets owned and operated by the government.

In 2000, the government sold 15% of OMA to an investor group organized as a “strategic partner” to operate and manage the airports, in accordance with the Airports Law, OMA’s strategic partner is Servicios de Tecnologia Aeroportuaria, S.A. de C.V. (SETA).

On November 29, 2006, the government sold all its remaining shares through an Initial Public Offering on the Mexican Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Stock Market. OMA’s IPO took place at a price of US$ 18.00 per ADS and Ps. 24.85 per B share.

OMA has 390.1 million common shares outstanding as of December 31, 2020; 87.2% are Series B shares and 12.8% are Series BB shares.

OMA’s Series B shares are listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). Shares in the form of American Depositary Shares (ADSs) are listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market in the U.S.; each ADS represents 8 Series B shares.

The BMV ticker is «OMA»

The NASDAQ ticker is «OMAB»

OMA’s strategic partner, SETA, owns all OMA’s Series BB shares, which are not traded. Each Series B and Series BB share gives the holder equal dividend rights and the right to one vote in shareholders’ meetings. The holders of Series BB shares also have veto rights over certain actions, including the payment of dividends and the nomination or removal of certain members of senior management.

OMA has paid cash dividends every year since its IPO in 2006 until 2019.

Dividends are approved by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on the recommendation of the Board of Directors and may be paid in one or more installments.

OMA is included in:

  • The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) IPC index, of Mexico’s largest and most liquid companies OMA is also included in several sustainability indices, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.
  • Mexican Stock Exchange IPC Sustainable Index (“IPC Sustentable”)

The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is normally held in April. Other ordinary or extraordinary shareholders’ meetings may be called in accordance with OMA’s bylaws and Mexican law.

Shareholders and ADS holders can vote their shares in person or by proxy.

American Depositary Shares (ADSs) are a means for non-U.S. companies to list their stock on a U.S. stock exchange. Denominated in U.S. dollars, they confer full ownership rights to the company’s underlying shares, which are held by a custodian bank in the company’s home country. ADSs are quoted and traded in U.S. dollars. Cash dividends are paid in U.S. dollars to ADS holders.

OMA’s ADSs are listed and traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market. Each ADS represents 8 Series B shares.

OMA’s ticker symbol on NASDAQ is “OMAB.”

For more information on American Depositary Shares, please contact OMA’s ADS depositary bank:

For general information:
J.P. Morgan Depositary Receipts
4 New York Plaza, Floor 12
New York, NY 10004
Main: +1 866 JPM ADRS

Website:  www.adr.com

For holders of OMA’s ADS:
JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.
P.O. Box 64504
St. Paul, MN 55164-0854
Main: +1 800 990 1135
If calling from outside the US:  +1 651 453 2128

Yes, OMA files its annual report with the SEC, on Form 20-F. OMA also files quarterly earnings reports and other financial press releases as Form 6-Ks. All OMA’s financial reports are available in both English and Spanish.

OMA’s quarterly earnings report includes an updated list of the analysts covering OMA.

As of December 2020, the analysts included:



Actinver Casa de Bolsa

Ramón Ortiz

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Alan Macías


José Espitia

Barclays Bank PLC

Pablo Monsiváis

BBVA Bancomer

Montserrat Araujo

Bradesco BBI

Rodolfo Ramos


Stephen Trent

Credit Suisse

Alejandro Zamacona

Goldman Sachs

Bruno Armorim

Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM)

Mauricio Martínez Vallejo


Marco Montañez


Giovanni Bisogno Guinea


Alexandre Falcao

Intercam Casa de Bolsa

Alejandra Marcos

Insight Investment Research

Robert Crimes

Itaú BBA

Thais Cascello

J.P. Morgan

Fernando Abdalla

Morgan Stanley

Josh Milberg / Lucas T Barbosa


Rubén López / Pedro Bruno


Francisco Suárez

Signum Research

Lucía Tamez


Rogerio Araujo

BTG Pactual

Lucas Marquiori

Yes, OMA has a Ps. 1,500 million program.