50-year concessions

OMA operates our airports under 50-year concessions granted in 1998 by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), which is also our principal regulator. The initial concession term can be extended one or more times for an additional period of up to 50 years.

Under these concessions OMA must:

  1. pay a concession tax, currently equal to 5% of total gross annual revenues,
  2. deliver services in a continuous, public and non-discriminatory manner,
  3. maintain the airports in good working condition, and
  4. make investments in accordance with the Master Development Programs and concession terms.

“Dual till” system

The general regulatory framework for OMA’s operations is called a “dual till” system. Revenues from aeronautical activities are subject to maximum rate ceilings and charges for complementary services are also regulated. Revenues from commercial and diversification activities are generally exempt from the maximum rates.

Principal regulations

The principal laws that govern OMA’s activities and terms of the concessions are:

Other Mexican laws governing OMA’s activities include: